This look was originally inspired by Archangels biomechanical wings specifically from his time in the Uncanny X force comic line. I knew from the start i wanted repeating patterns layered over each other to create the feather blades. so I took to designing them and cutting them out of 1/16th styrene using my glowforge.  styrene is a light enough material that i could make a medium sized set of wings without worry of over encumbering my model Ashley, who was a champ.

           heres some trial run photos of it completed wings worn by my floor and my friend Ema, if she looks like shes in distress, she is, i make her work 23.5 hours a day, feed her fish heads and garbage disposal muck because shes a dirty house goblin lol, you can learn more about her in my Friends of cosmic ash studios area.

           once the wings were assembled, i gladly found that my choice in plastic paid off! once you were strapped in, you can walk around comfortably with them on.

Special shout out to Storm Coast Creative for taking the time to shoot this project.

And another to my dear friend Persephonerising for being the gorgeous and talented model.