after watching rogue one I knew I was going to eventually build her side arm. Luckily my friend

The Fabric Alchemist was in need of one so we did some trade start this build i identified as the original design for this weapon was the luger. so i went to amazon to order a bb gun that i can mutilate into being a flashy space gun.

The next face was to cut and heat form plastic too the shapes and detailed lines that i liked. Part of this was using the heads off of rivets from my hand rivet gun to simulate the look of bolts and rivets into the side of the pistol. a nice little fake out once they were glued into place

once i heat shaped and drilled out the barrel and bits, i used an oil based clay as a body filler to smooth joints and fill spots to help with the mold preparation process. rebound 25 from smooth on is my go to silicone for many jobs, for this. i used whats called a two part block mold. to cut down on costs i diced up older silicone molds as a filler.    when the mold was cured i was able to open it up and start casting copies. the first went to Meris to go with her jyn erso costume