Every once in a while I’m able to dive into personal projects that I make with my own funds and time to kinda get a creative itch scratched. this time i was drawn to machiko noguchi the she predator, particularly the look she has when Hot Toys made a figure of her.

so i collected reference images and got to work! this build is almost 90% just foamed pvc with a few other materials splish splashed throughout

the way I like to draft templates is to cover whatever form I’m working on in plastic wrap, the duct tape, then draw my templates on it so i can cut and resize them. this photo illustrates how I achieved a dome out of Foamed PVC, which has a tough time making compound curves.
to create all the different effects id like into the different plastics, I hid joints with rolled up worbla to cover the seams. for the pitted and hammered effects, i use an engraving bit n my dremel and tried my best to bounce it around in a “random” pattern. I then followed up with using my usual grime washes I do to age things up and make them look weathered, ill go in detail on this method  here
to string it all up, i used a combo of twine, leather cord and rivets to make it as authentic looking as possible
I even made a short sword 🙂
heres two shots, one where I call the armor predator armor and another we added make up for a promo for a local horror convention Crypticon.