Build Write Up : Scissor Blade

Another custom job i’ve done is a replica scissor blade from kill la kill, i wanted to make it both light and sturdy so i opted to go with a mixed medium of plastic and mdf wood. both convention safe materials.

once I figured the scale of how I wanted things I then traced it over MDF wood, a very dense, yet easy to cut, sand and shape wood. I chose MDF over my usual plastics because I needed something that wouldn’t wave or flop when walked around with.

to add more depth I then added various thicknesses of plastic so it’s not so flat and 2 dimensional. The foamed PVC I use easily glues to MDF with just some every day CA glue, held in place with clamps for a bit.

when the glue was cured I then began to sand bevels into the edges to make it appear all as one piece rather than many layers glued together.

as I sanded and smoothed I began adding both polyester body filler (aka bondo) and some glazing spot putty to fill gaps and help me to sand everything nice, smooth and level.  then prepped it for paint.

and then BAM! a scissor sword is born!!!