was contacted by a company in the UK (stellarVR), they needed an artist in the U.S.A. because they were attending Pax Prime and didnt want to deal with shipping. they were debuting their first game “Korix” a tower defense game that takes advantage of the PlayStation VR system

what they needed was four stools to be built for people to sit out while trying out their game.  the catch was, they wanted them to look like the level 3 versions of walls you build in game.

lucky for me, they gave me a scale model with how big theyd like it to be.

Sadly I don’t have all the photos from the build ut enjoy what I have,  all was made from MDF cut and glued with holes cut to install fans, the reason for the fans was that each PS4 was stored inside the box for security and to streamline the booth so only 2 cords were coming from the box to each TVs.  Led strips were also powered by the power strip inside the box, same with the fans to keep things cool.

and of course, once i met them at PAX to deliver the goods, i had to try the game out lol

TA DAH all done with another happy customer