One day build!!!!

its exactly as the name sounds, a build of something that starts and finishes from the time I turn the shop lights on in the morning and turn them off at night, the days leading up I bought and had supplies get to me so I can go super saiyan and knock out this staff based on the designs from dragon age 2 in one loooong session

The first step was to take the big wooden rod to my belt sander and Dremel to get some grain and textures going.


additionally, I wrapped some PVC foam board around one end to start the cap that’ll hold the blade and inside that cap will be a neodymium magnet to add some extra power to hold it in place

for the gem at the end, I wadded up a hunk of clay and used some absolutely horrible mold making gelatin that I’m not even gonna name or go into lol    but it gave me a cheap mold to cast a copy so, I could have a semi-transparent stone for the end

drilled holes at different angles to add those weird, Frankenstein monster neck bolts down the shaft and painted things up.

the cap with the magnet got the blade and some burgundy ribbon was wrapped


annnnnnnnd done

pardon the dirty ass “backdrop”, this was a long day, don’t remember exactly how many hours went into this but one working day for me is between 9 and 14 hours depending on my mood in the morning.