The thighs of the xenoqueen! done waaaay back in 2015

for this, i used the handy-dandy lifecast i made of my friend AmieĀ (the model) for this I made some templates using fabric? no idea why I did that, I can think of at least 4 different more reliable ways than fabric, but I was the man who i was and thats how it went down lol

once that was done i traced out a basic look onto a sheet of cheap plastic with a sharpie so i can sculpt along with it,

then when i was done sculpting i sealed it up with some clear coat and made a couple blanket molds with ultracalĀ 30 (fancier plaster). latex i pigmented with acrylic ink was brushed into the molds later by layer until it was the thickness i wanted and then BAM donezo my dudes