My hands-on Mold making class is designed so that even someone who had never made or seen a mold be made will walk away knowing the process. all materials and tools needed I provide so attendees show up with an open mind and willingness to learn and walk away with the knowledge and experience ( plus their mold and cast pieces) to go out and continue the practice of basic 1 sided mold making. I’ve done classes with some as young as 5 years old, with parental help. class size really depends on the space available, but having everyone around a few pushed together tables so everyone can see everyone with materials in the center works best. outside tools and materials I also bring my own tarps to make sure no spills or accidents happen to the floor or tables so I leave the room as nice as it was left for me. 

whats all covered in this class

  • break down of materials and supplies
  • accessing the part to be molded 
  • building a mold box
  • using the silicone
  • releasing and casting pieces


for more info or to book me to teach a class, you can reach me through my contact page.