This is a post to cover Items I talk about in tap plastics Cosplay Materials class, theres some overlap of materials between this and the mold making class  for more in-depth info get ahold of me or Tap

This is Tap Plastics Instashape, its a container filled with pellets that should be heated in hot water. you can tell they are hot enough when they turn clear and start to clump together.  while its slowly turning opaque again you can manipulate it whatever shape youd like, and for sharper details, once its cooled you can sand, drill and paint it. if you mess up or have excess, you can simply throw it back in and heat it up again

This is worbla, an INCREDIBLY popular material. its a thermoplastic that can be easily heated and shaped into any prop or armor you need. the price tag is high buy every bit of scrap can be used heated and mush back into a new piece of material. it adheres to itself, can be cut with scissors and gives off no fumes or gasses when heated

Flexbond is a glue/sealer that can be used on any surface as a primer for painting. in relationship to cosplayers, this can be used as a strong flexible primer for worbla that allows you to use any paints without cracking. Same with Eva foam, a couple thin coats of flexbond and you’ll be able to spray paint for foam armor and props