the guardians were and are one of my FAVORITE series of comics (specifically volume 2 before things got gentrified for the movies)

back when the first concept art for the team came out, I fell in LOVE with the design for Groot, during a large portion of the comics run Groot was out of commission after sacrificing himself for the team. luckily, his race can regenerate if you get a piece of him planted in time. during this time, Groot was a SUPER small sapling being tended to by mantis and rocket and all the guardians kinda rotating watering him.

so my idea was to make a Groot in a pot but rather his twig look, to make him look as he did in the concept art (this was a year or so before the movies release so all I had to work with).  doing so I made an art piece that was waaaaaaayyyy more popular than I ever intended. I was a sweatshop cranking these things out and not to sound ungrateful but it was draining the creativity being a mini factory and I began to resent these pieces lol. so once I hit my limit I destroyed my molds and moved on with my life never offering them again.

BUT there was one last Groot, the very first one I made I kept for myself and all these years later I decided it was time. the very first Groot, would be the very last and I destroyed it hahahahhah why?

Because i cab!