his poison ivy look was something very fun and very different. it sparked one day when i was toying around with latex and experimenting with ways to use it. I thought back to a dress id made where i use rolled up tissue paper to create veins and muscles on this zombie pencil dress.  with this, the added bonus would be applying latex saturated paper towels to simulate vines. I wanted a look for poison ivy similar to alor of her comic appearences where the foliage makes up her outfit but i wanted to add my own twist to it,

     it was a loooooong process, and I forgot my air brush back at my shop so not only were the vines applied by hand, all the color and paint were hand painted on lol, but we hammered through regardless.  the photos should show the process well enough, my wife came with me to be my assitant and the models father even jumped in to give us a hand, her mother Anne was our photogragher aswell as their friend Cliff.

this shots photo composites done by the talented Jos Riv

And the last most beautiful photo of getting out of the make up lol