its cheap, easy to use and we ALL have a collection of them. my old way of hanging on to them was a dirty nasty shelf where they were buried 3 or 4 deep where I had to push around to see what colors I have or worse have 4 of the same color because I keep buying them thinking im out of something.

that’s when I decided enough was enough and a solution to this problem needed to be found. so I had to sit down in our thinking chair and think… think… thi-i-ink!
Cause when we use our minds and take a step at a time
We can do any THING… that we wanna do!


and when I was at Lowes picking some things up I saw a length of gutters for about 13 bucks that I took home and cut down and i thought i  was sooooo clever…until I realized this method has been done by hundreds of people on Pinterest hahaha   I’m still pretty proud though.