easily one of the most useful skills to have is mold making. it gives you the ability to replicate single pieces many times or to transfer mediums so a clay sculpt can become a plastic helmet.  The simplest style of mold making is called a block mold or one part mold. This means on one portion of the mold is open so you can pour your material into it and pop it out.

here’s a walkthrough on the steps I take to replicate a commbadge from Next Gen


Mold Star 16

This will be used to make the mold. this is an even 1:1 ratio.

this particular product has a 45 minute cure time, which is fast!

Smoothcast 300

This is a polyurethane resin that is a 1:1 mix that has a cure time of 10 minutes. once cured the liquid resin will turn into a rigid plastic

Manns mold release 200

This is Mold release, this is sprayed into the mold before and after its made to help the silicone release from what is molded and what is cast into it, 


This will be used to ensure the correct amounts of materials will be used


rice will be used to pour into the mold box to determine how much silicone will be needed


this ones obvious, gloves are used to keep things tidy, what isn’t obvious is to NEVER use latex gloves when working with silicones. what happens when you do is you compromise the material and may cause inhibiton where the mold may not cure properly

Mixing Cups

a nice clean mixing cup will be used for the rice, silicone and resin. its always good to have a handful of these on hand

T Square

this is used to make sure whatever matieral you use for posterboard